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M3 Identified Handmade 6th Corps Badge and Wooden Ring, Captain James Byron Brooks 4th Vermont, Wounded in Action at Battle of the Wilderness
Unique soldier art grouping by James Byron Brooks. Commissioned as 2nd Lieutenant in the 4th Vermont on September 12, 1861. Promoted to Captain on April 4th, 1864. The 4th was part of the famous Vermont Brigade of the Army of the Potomac, which suffered the highest casualty count of any brigade in the history of the U.S. Army. J Byron Brooks was severely wounded in the right forearm on the first day of the Battle of the Wilderness, and was discharged due to his injuries 3 months later. Brooks 6th Corps badge is hand crafted from an 1851 patent Goodyear rubber button. Brooks sanded down the face of the button and carved a 6th Corps cross, initials "JBB," and "VT." The ring is crafted out of burl wood and inlaid with a copper or brass 5 pointed star. Formerly part of the Marius Peladeau collection. This is a very unique and historic grouping.
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U5 1851 Artillery Driver's Pattern Boots
Excellent pair of Civil War boots. These conform to the 1851 pattern boot for artillery drivers, with internal boot pulls and a slight, curved rise on the front top of the boot. One cloth pull on each boot is intact, another is mostly missing and one is torn. The leather is strong and supple with no flaking whatsoever, and the square toed soles are in great shape. The boots measure 10" long and 13" tall. Excellent displaying example of a genuine Civil War boot.
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IM3 1/9th Plate Ruby Ambrotype Grouping, Company B, 11th New Hampshire Infantry
Seated ruby Ambrotype portrait in full leatherette case of an 11th NH soldier, wearing a 4 button sack coat with his issue shirt visible underneath. He is proudly displaying his forage cap with New Hampshire insignia. Clarity and detail are excellent, with finely done tinting on his cheeks. The image is housed in a wonderful patriotic mat with flags, cannon, and drum, with caption "The Union Now and Forever." The accompanying 1/9th plate tintype in a half leatherette case came out of the same estate. Judging by the strong resemblance I believe this is a slightly post war image of the same individual, or possibly his father. The 11th New Hampshire Infantry was a hard fighting unit that served with the 9th Corps at Fredericksburg, Vicksburg, Knoxville, The Overland Campaign, and Petersburg.
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M7 US Officer's Patent December 24, 1861 "Christmas Pattern" Spur
Scarce, non-excavated Union officer's spur. Sometimes referred to as the "Christmas" spur due to the stamped patent date of December 24, 1861, which is visible on the inside of this spur. Nice condition with the original rowel and most of the gilt still remaining.
BUT 2 US Eagle "I" Infantry Button, Scoville
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Non dug 19 mm coat size Eagle 'I" button with exceptional gilt. Shank is bent. Nice Civil War Scoville backmark.
U6 U.S. Artillery Hat Cord
Artillery hat cord with a rich red color. Made for use with the 1858 "Hardee" Dress Hat. This one still has the strings tied around the tassels, straight from the factory.
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BUC2 Excavated US Eagle Breast Plate, Camp Turchin, Murfreesboro, TN
Eagle breast plate with missing loops on the back. The front has a fantastic, smooth green patina. Dug at Camp Turchin, Murfreesboro Tennessee in 1989.
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BUC3 Excavated US Belt Buckle with Arrow Hooks, Cold Harbor, VA
US Buckle dug at Cold Harbor, Virginia. The face has some slick brown patina with patches of surface soiling. The lead back has a couple cracks but is sturdy. Old tape digger's label on the reverse.
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F2 Smith & Wesson No. 2 Army .32 Rimfire Revolver, Civil War Serial Number
Excellent condition S&W No.2 revolver with a 6 inch barrel. Mechanically perfect with most of the original bluing intact. The serial number is well within the Civil War date range. This revolver was a popular sidearm for both officers and enlisted men for its size, durability, ease in loading, and reliability. Hard to find one in better condition.
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M5 US Infantry Horn Hat Insignia
Nice non-dug stamped brass insignia with both loops on the back.
M6 Civil War Period Drumsticks
Pair of Civil War era drumsticks in good condition. A local find from Maine.
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BUT 1 US Eagle "I" Infantry Overcoat Button, Scoville
Non dug 23 mm overcoat size Eagle 'I" button. Back is slightly pushed . Nice Civil War Scoville backmark.
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BUT 3 US General Service Eagle Coat Button, Waterbury
Non dug 19 mm coat size Eagle button. Nice Civil War Waterbury backmark.
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BUT 4 US General Service Eagle Cuff Button, Steele & Johnson
Non dug 16 mm cuff size Eagle button. Scarce Steele & Johnson backmark.