echoesofbattle_main002035.jpg echoesofbattle_main002034.jpg
BUC2 Excavated US Eagle Breast Plate, Camp Turchin, Murfreesboro, TN
Eagle breast plate with missing loops on the back. The front has a fantastic, smooth green patina. Dug at Camp Turchin, Murfreesboro Tennessee in 1989.
echoesofbattle_main002033.jpg echoesofbattle_main002032.jpg
BUC3 Excavated US Belt Buckle with Arrow Hooks, Cold Harbor, VA
US Buckle dug at Cold Harbor, Virginia. The face has some slick brown patina with patches of surface soiling. The lead back has a couple cracks but is sturdy. Old tape digger's label on the reverse.
echoesofbattle_main002031.jpg echoesofbattle_main002030.jpg
M5 US Infantry Horn Hat Insignia
Nice non-dug stamped brass insignia with both loops on the back.
M6 Civil War Period Drumsticks
Pair of Civil War era drumsticks in good condition. A local find from Maine.
echoesofbattle_main002028.jpg echoesofbattle_main002027.jpg
M8 "Memorium" G.A.R. Ribbon ID' d Emlis S. Tozier, 1st Maine Cavalry
Nice silk G.A.R. Memorium Ribbon from S.J. Oakes Post 121, Upper Stillwater, Maine. Owned by Emlis S. Tozier, who served in the 1st Maine Cavalry throughout the war. The ribbon comes with a copy of a 1923 article on him from the Maine Historical Society. Tozier was a charter member of the Oakes post, and became a circus clown and acrobat after the war.
echoesofbattle_main002026.jpg echoesofbattle_main002025.jpg
M9 Handmade ID Disk, Sergeant John Mulvey, 12th Maine Infantry
Very unique, crudely made ID disk made from a hammered out pre-1864 fat Indian Head Cent (some details from the coin are still discernable.) The front has stamped "John Mulvey Co. C 12" and the reverse "Port Maine" for Portland. John Mulvey enlisted in the 12th Maine on November 1861. He was wounded and captured on September 9, 1862 at Ponchatoula LA, and later paroled. He reenlisted and was captured again on October 19, 1864 at Cedar Creek, VA.
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M1 Model 1858 US "Smoothside" Canteen
Smoothside Civil War canteen complete with jean cloth cover and cork stopper with chain. The cover has some moth damage with fragile spots but is intact. The sling is the harder to find cotton web type, rather than the sewn canvas version.
echoesofbattle_main002021.jpg echoesofbattle_main002020.jpg echoesofbattle_main002019.jpg
IM3 Albumen Oval Image of Union Infantry Officer
Very clear standing Albumen print of a young infantry Lieutenant or Captain proudly displaying his foot officer's sword. Beautifully mounted in a gilded wood frame 6.5 inches tall. The image came out of New Hampshire, and some genealogy notes on the back name the officer as Great grandfather True. A very clear and attractive image.
echoesofbattle_main002018.jpg echoesofbattle_main002017.jpg
DR4 U.S. 1855/61 Springfield Bayonet
Excavated bayonet for a Model 1855 or 1861 Rifle Musket in uncleaned condition. It would probably clean up well with electrolysis if desired. Missing the locking ring. Recovery location unknown.
BO2 Pocket Bible Identified to James F. Whitmore, U.S. Navy
1858 New Testament belonging to James F. Whitmore. He is listed in the "Supplement to the Annual Reports of the Adjutant General of the State of Maine" as being a Maine resident enlisted in the U.S. Navy during the Civil War. There are a couple of pages with various scribblings and accounting notes inside, as well as Whitmore's signature. A nice pocket Testament that warrants further research on this Sailor.
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BUT 5 New Hampshire Volunteer Militia Coat Button, Scoville
Non dug 23 mm New Hampshire coat button in excellent condition. Civil War period Scoville, Waterbury backmark.
echoesofbattle_main002010.jpg echoesofbattle_main002009.jpg
BUT 6 New Hampshire Volunteer Militia Cuff Button
Non dug 16 mm New Hampshire cuff button in good condition. Civil War period blank backmark.
echoesofbattle_main002008.jpg echoesofbattle_main002007.jpg echoesofbattle_main002006.jpg echoesofbattle_main002005.jpg
L5 U.S. Civil War Issue Colt Revolver Holster
This holster shows signs of heavy field use. The leather is very supple but is missing the leather end cap and closure tab. The flap has a period modification where the closure tab used to be. Someone cut a hole with a knife so the flap anchors over the brass closure finial. Great piece of leather gear with a "been there" look.
BUL12 .69 Cal. Buck and Ball
Dropped .69 caliber reassembled Buck and Ball round. Recovery location unknown.
echoesofbattle_main002003.jpg echoesofbattle_main002002.jpg echoesofbattle_main002001.jpg
BUL13 CS .69 Cal. Gardner Minie Ball M&M 168
Huge .69 Gardner bullet that has either been lightly fired or slightly dinged up in the ground. Not in perfect dropped condition but priced accordingly for a scarce bullet.